Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blue Bargain and Pink Spring

Blue 'selfie' in the kitchen after a sunny weekend in Copenhagen. In AFUK on Vesterbro I found a fine little blue Korulen cup from Egersund in Norway. I always find something there and have funny everyday talks with the saleswoman. After a cozy Friday on Nørrebro, a birthday dinner on Østerbro and Sunday coffee with a friend, I took the bus ride home. I enjoyed my little favourite book: 'Du kan ikke svikte din beste venn og bli god til å synge samtidig' written by the Norvegian Kim Hiorthøy. I fell across the book on the blog Hjartesmil, and I really like the drawings in it combined with short novels about humans (and animals) with hopes, wishes, and failures. Monday morning I noticed an interesting photo feature by Arko Datto - about Winter Depression in Bitchslap. My Easter holiday starts. Now.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Plant Week

Last week became a 'plant week'. We picked up a new Split-Leaf Philondendron, I enjoyed my favourite magazine: The Plant, went for a walk to the ocean and braught a little Pilea to a new friend. I'm a Plantoholic.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cool, Calm & Connected

A trip to Berlin makes me calm. Sleeping in our family's apartment in Mitte, eating breakfast outside, and taking the metro to other areas during the day, is relaxing by itself. I get inspired when I notice new books like Nachtigall / nightingale in a book store. Fine little details - that are so simpel - and still I can sense everything.

The Picture Imperfect is a photo book about a prostitutes life in Copenhagen. It caught my attention some years ago - a really rough life - still alive. Besides getting caught by books, pictures and little findings we also noticed how spring is slowly arriving. The most beautiful green colour on the trees both during the day, and when darkness falls.

We also went to see an exhibition by the Swedish photogapher JH Engström at Grundemark Nilsson Gallery. He captures both relationships, feelings, black and white atmospheres and nature in the outsides of Sweden. Coffee and cheese cake is a must on a extended weekend in Berlin... I feel connected - coolness must come some day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Friendships / Sunshine / Flower Finds

Last weekend I had visitors. Two good friends arrived Friday evening, and by relaxation in the sofa, we gathered energy for the next day. When Saturday arrived, we enjoyed important things, like luxury breakfast in the kitchen and going to the Ingerslev Boulevard Market - just around the corner. We got inspired and bought fresh fish, flowers for the balcony and vegetables. After that we had intense talks and walks through the woods, and down to the ocean. We finished with lunch at Bernth & Co, in the city center, where all three of us got satisfied. When darkness arrived we made dinner at home, while the 'little one' was sleeping, and talking, in the bedroom. So cozy. Energy weekend ;-)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Whatever Calms Me

Weekend gives me room to disappear into my own little world. Yesterday we woke up late and drove to a Kira Skov concert in Herning. Her new album When We Where Gentle is calming, serious and with lyrics I can connect to. Besides that I enjoyed my fine book Yonder by Marnix Goossens, which I bought on my last trip to New York. The pictures combines nothing and everything in colourful moods and contradictions. When confusion haunts me, I find lyrics and pictures that calms me down. Ahh - Weekend.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Leopard Skirt

Last week I made a new twist skirt. I had spend some time trying to find the right jersey fabric, and finally I fell across the leopard pattern in a dark blue/green colour. Fits my mood perfectly. I love to wear something homemade - makes me feel strong. Everyday concerns - bring it on!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Arrival / Bernth & Co / Ice Queue

Yesterday Spring arrived on a sunny Saturday, and I decided to go out for a walk to the city center. After a couple of hours I got hungry, and I passed Bernth & co on Borggade by coincidence. I enjoyed a tuna and cheddar sandwich with a hot ginger bear. My sandwich consisted of really yummy foccacia and fresh cabbage. Then it was 'cortado-time' - with a tasty dark chokolate with crunch. The simplicity and dedication to their café was distinct, and made both the taste and atmosphere of the place work. On my way out I noticed a looong queue to the ice shop....
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