Sunday, July 19, 2015

Slow Knitter / Minty Colours / Seahorses

Both minty colours and seahorses are moving into our apartment these days. My slow knitting project right now is an oversized cardigan, where I use alpaca and silk. Sometimes the cardigan get's attention - and sometimes it's put aside. Furthermore our bedroom tables has been painted with the samme minty colour - it reminds me of the ocean. The three seahorses will soon get their own unique space...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mandalas - What Is That?

On a visit to Balsalen last week I noticed an exhibition in Balsalen's 'RUM'. At first I got caught by the colours in the paintings, and how they where structured into fine ornaments - and then my eyes captured the little tarok card messages connected to each painting.

Birgitte Tolderlund uses her painting skills to get into a peaceful state of mind - and she enjoys to see when people 'meet their Mandala' in one of her works. She got caught by the genre a year ago, when someone told her about a course in Balsalen's RUM. With a background as a fashion designer, Birgitte is now glad, that she has found a new creative path.

"My task in life is not to try to figure it out - but enjoy what I do", she exsplains, while she sits in her working area connected to the exhibition. When Birgitte works, she uses very strict systems to reach her goal, and her tarok cards gives her a path, so she can work from her heart - while she let's her brain relax. "To paint the Mandala's felt right from day one, I could sense, that this is something I want to share".

The exhibition in Balsalen's RUM runs for the next two weeks, and you can tjeck out Birgitte's fine Mandala's at her homepage.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Details

1: Finally a flower from the market last Saturday is standing in our living room
2: Noticed fine lamps at the flea market last Sunday
3: Birthday gift Pomona-plates from Rörstrand - adds a perfect summer feeling to the kitchen
4: An old Miu Miu mini bag has been given a new leather cord, so it can be used as a cross body bag - cheaper than buying a new one ;-).
5: My night reading right now: 'Den lange sommer' Kirsten Thorup - going back in time to the 1950's...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Go' Kaffe / Dream Cake / Summer Sun

Yesterday we finally enjoyed a good coffee and shared a Danish Dream Cake at Go'Kaffe on Ingerslevs Boulevard - after having bought vegetables and flowers at the market. Perfect place to chill on this years first summer Saturday - or whenever a break is needed. We're coming back!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


This June is one of the most important months in our lifes together. We are preparing and organising with small breaks in between - where good food, talks and walks are enjoyed. I'm starting to get ready - I'm looking forward to our wedding.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fika On Jægergårdsgade

Several days a week I enjoy to eat my lunch at Café Fika on Jægergårdsgade - Frederiksbjerg. A fresh salad with hummus enjoyed with one of the many homemade juices. I usually find a spot with a street view and use it as a little break, where I notice what is happening in my hood. Another Frederiksbjerg moment ;-).

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Yarnfreak Opening Day

Last Saturday turned out to be a splendid sunny day here in Aarhus. Unexpected visitors arrived from Copenhagen, market on Ingerslev Boulevard, Yarnfreak opening a bigger shop at Ingerslev Plads and a street party on Jægergaardsgade... The opening of Yarnfreek appeared to be very succesfull, and I'm looking forward to visit the shop again to get new knitting inspiration. It makes sence that Yarnfreak is now placed next to both the market and the little coffee shop - a cosy and interesting atmosphere is appearing arround that area. More to come...
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