Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring Forever Spring

Spring arrival is enjoyed with fruit, vegetables and flower purchases on the market at Ingerslev Boulevard. Near the end of the market a new coffee shop has opened - Go' Kaffe - perfekt place to bring my next visitor! At home I have finally finished my Mellow Sweater. Unfortunately the angora yarn is very fluffy, but hopefully it will be more co-operative after some washes... Now I'm working on a new sweater - more to come.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

To The Top...

... and down again on my little visit to MOMU - Moesgaard Museum - on a Tuesday. I had decided to walk most of the way from Frederiksbjerg to the new archaeological museum outside Aarhus. On my arrival I enjoyed a salmon salad and a view to the ocean. With renewed energy I went out on my exhibition journey. Both the archaeological exhibitions about the past and the exhibition about The Lives of the Dead caught my attention, and I felt like getting drawn into other worlds, scenarious and periods of life and death. None of my pictures caught the atmosphere, so you have to go there yourself. When I came home i had to knit on my Mellow Sweater to process my MOMU adventure...

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sore Throat / Glasses Arrival / Homeland

During the past week I have been indoors with a sore throat. The only thing who has worked is drinking tea with lemon, ginger and honney while watching Homeland on Netflix. Yesterday my Ace & Tate glasses - Nina - arrived from Berlin.... I like the nice designs, affordable prices and that they help people who need glasses in the developing world. I hope Ace & Tate can be bought in Denmark soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Round Scarf

My last knitting project has been a round scarf - I got the idea in December and decided that it should be a birthday present. Really simpel project - perfect while watching TV or just chilling: I casted on 120 stitches, and then I worked a pattern with 4 rows with knit4, purl4 and then 4 rows with purl4, knit4... the yarn was knittet on a size 8 circular needle. Good luck!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Collage Cards

2014 became the year where we invited relatives to celebrate Christmas in Aarhus. I made little Christmas collage cards for each present. Tomorrow we drive to Berlin... more to come...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Walk / Candlelights / A Year Ago

* A walk by the ocean is the best treat on a sunny Saturday.
* I still love my second hand knitted skirt - made of a sweater...
* I am starting to collect new/old candlesticks with a twist to our apartment. I found the simpel one at To trin ned in Jægersborggade - Copenhagen. The 'odd' one is found in a second hand shop here in Aarhus.

Now it's getting dark outside, and we 'hygger' with Christmas candles inside.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Misty Weather Outside / Tranquility Inside

The season has changed now, and it's time to move inside. Little projects during the week is adding calmness to our days at home:

* Plant nursing on a Wednesday, where our purple friend needed new pots, while one of our Split-Leaf philodendrons is growing intensely in our bedroom. One Geranium needed extra care and a bigger pot, and now the scent of it has gotten more intense - inside.
* Baking bread on a Saturday from a recipe found in an old cookbook - Brød - written by Lone Kjær. From now on I am going to bake bread every Saturday.
* Finding paper patterns and working on a new important collage...
* Finishing my second Tove Janson book - and starting on a very different one - Be Here Now - an alternative book about spirituality, yoga and meditation. Different from everything I have ever read. A little weird sometimes, but with an interesting deeper meaning.
*...and last, but not least, I received my new/old necklace, which is completely similar, to the one I have lost. Made by Mikkel Brøgger.

That's it.
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